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Denali Gold Tour​s

An Alaskan tour that's worth it's weight in gold

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Richard Humphrey, Proprietor/Prospector/Life-Long Alaskan

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Our passion is prospecting in the last frontier!

​​Gold was discovered in the Cache Creek area in 1905. Denali Gold Tours works several claims in the active Cache Creek Mining District. You'll enjoy a scenic ride through the backcountry of Trapper Creek to the various panning locations. 

Enjoy a half-day tour surrounded by Alaska's natural beauty. Panning for gold in a clear creek, the scenic ride into Alaska's backcountry, stopping for photos and taking the time to view wildlife and the pristine views along the way.

The Tour

Denali Gold Tours are family owned. Richard Humphrey, Proprietor, Prospector & Guide is a life-Long Alaskan. Travel 19-miles into Alaska’s backcountry, over rolling hills and finally to the gold-bearing streams of the Cache Creek area. The tour is relaxed, with extra time, if someone spots a moose, eagle, bear, or salmon in the stream along the way, you’ll stop for photos and a chance to take in this unique experience. Alaska at it's finest.

All gear is provided for your Denali Gold Tour. When you arrive at the creek you’ll be ready to learn how to pan for gold. Richard leads everyone through the gold panning process. Soon you'll be gently swishing water through the riverbed materials in your own gold pan, watching for gold to appear. Gold sinks to the bottom of the pan while other materials are allowed to spill out of the pan. You'll swish through the creek bed materials, consisting of primarily black, magnetite sand, small stones, metal dust looking for Alaska gold!

Gold panning usually turns up only minor gold dust, "flour gold". Richard helps you collect what you find in a small souvenir bottle so you can show family and friends back home. We make sure your search for Alaskan gold is always successful. If you didn't find anything in your own pan, you'll be given a small souvenir bottle of gold, courtesy of Denali Gold Tours. 

Before you head back, you'll enjoy freshly-grilled reindeer dogs, hot dogs, and drinks! 


Make it a day trip! Book your Denali Gold Tour online. On the day of your tour, enjoy the beautiful drive to Trapper Creek from Anchorage in just over 2 hours. We've got the gear including, boots, raingear, classifiers, and mosquito repellant! Wear warm layers so you can easily adjust to Alaska's ever-changing weather conditions. 

Looking for something really special? Call Richard to arrange a custom trip. 907-733-7660. Camp overnight and spend all the time you want searching for gold or simply enjoy the beauty of Alaska, creekside.

Denali Gold Tours are the only creek-based gold panning experience along the Parks Highway. Richard would enjoy sharing this unique Alaskan experience with you. Book your tour today!

What You'll Need

  • Dressed in warm layers of clothing
  • Camera

Where To Go 

9228 Petersville Rd., Trapper Creek, AK 99683